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About Scott Sillcox

An experienced and entrepreneurial business person, Scott Sillcox is the owner of Aurora Ontario based Heritage Sports Stuff. Scott also owns Heritage Sports Art.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the professional and college sports products licensing business, and as a researcher, designer, and manufacturer, Scott has an unparalleled depth of knowledge about the North American licensed sports industry. The majority of Scott's time is spent as a very active consultant to people and businesses across North America who want information about the licensed sports product business, and his 12 part blog posting is likely the largest single source of sports licensing information in North America.

Heritage Sports Stuff has two main product lines:

1. NHL plaqued posters that are 8" x 24" and ready-to-hang
- These plaqued posters are officially licensed by the NHL with Frameworth Sports Marketing in Canada and Winning Streak Sports in the USA.

2. A line of goalie mask products - t-shirts, cushions and coffee mugs
- Each goalie whose mask is featured in this product line has agreed to work with Scott and has kindly given Scott permission to use his name and mask image. In the case of goalies who are no longer alive, Scott is working with their family. Each goalie (or family) receives a reasonable percentage of the sale of each product that uses their mask image. And each of the goalies receives an identical percentage – we’re all in this together.

Scott is formerly the president and owner of Maple Leaf Productions, which was a licensee of the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL and US colleges. Scott's broad range of licensed products (posters, fridge magnets, playing cards, clocks, etc.) celebrated the evolution of sports teams’ uniforms and were widely purchased and cherished by sports fans and collectors.

His licensed products had one central theme at their core - they celebrated the history and evolution of NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL, and NCAA football team uniforms. The iconography of more than 1750 uniforms – 1750+ hand-painted, original watercolour illustrations on archival paper – were used to create a vast family of products from posters, framed prints, and collector plates to fridge magnets, playing cards, clocks, and more. Additionally, Heritage Sports Art has produced over 300 pen and ink aerial view drawings of North American ballparks, football stadiums, and hockey arenas.

Guided by a love of sports, art, and a desire to document the history and evolution of sports teams’ uniforms and the buildings the teams play in, Sillcox spent countless hours researching the buildings and fields of play – and especially the uniforms – over a 15-year period. Armed with vast amounts of information about the teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL and NCAA college football, he turned to a small team of highly skilled artists to create beautiful, original, intricately detailed watercolour paintings.

Sillcox’s dogged determination to meticulously research and detail the records of every sports team’s seasons throughout history in each of these leagues, culminated in more than 10,000 research folders stuffed with published stories, photographs, sports trading cards, official team media guides, and more.

Scott Sillcox and products

With his in-depth research serving as the foundation for their work, Sillcox' team of artists began producing elegant and eye-catching watercolour paintings of the uniforms. Watercolour was chosen for its beauty, feel and vibrant colours. When it came time to sketch the ballparks, arenas and stadiums, the artists turned to traditional pen and ink drawing techniques to create original, striking sketches and finished drawings. Sillcox and his artistic team created well over 2000 original pieces of art, many of which are now available for sale at Heritage Sports Art.

By creating and offering all-original watercolour paintings and pen and ink drawings of sports teams’ uniforms and the historic and modern facilities where they play instead of photographs, Sillcox was able to maintain consistent, high-quality artworks that accurately depict the beauty of each team’s uniforms and the buildings they called (and still call) home. Furthermore, many of the actual 1750+ uniforms and jerseys that were painted simply no longer exist, thus eliminating the possible use of photography.

Thus it was that watercolour paintings were created, and the result is an arresting portfolio of remarkable, incomparable artworks depicting North American sports teams’ uniforms that any sports fan or collector would love to adorn their home or office. And thus it is that hundreds and hundreds of those original watercolour paintings are available for sale at Heritage Sports Art. Please note that each piece of artwork for sale at Heritage Sports Art is an original watercolour painting – not a reproduction.

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